Functional properties and anti-nutritional factors of some selected Nigerian cereals


Adebayo R Olukemi, Olayiwola O Abidemi, Shittu S Abdulsalam


Full Length Research Paper


Department of Applied Sciences, P.M.B. 301, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Nigeria.

Chemical Sciences Department, College of Natural and Applied Sciences,  P.M.B.5533, Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Ile-Ife, Nigeria


20 September, 2016


Functional characteristics and certain anti-nutritional factor of some selected Nigerian cereals were investigated using various analytical methods to assess their potentiality as protein and fibre sources .The functional characteristics were water absorption and oil absorption capacity. They were found to be in the range of 14.0-17.0% and 18.0-10.0% respectively. While least gelation concentration, foaming capacity, foaming stability, swelling power, swelling solubility and bulk density were found  to  be 0.20- 0.20g, 9.62-0.00%, 1.92-0.00%, 156.05-211% and 27.5-14.2% and 0.87-1.11g/cm3, respectively. The anti-nutritional factors had values in Mg/100g were in the range of phytic acid (121.76-27.19), oxalates (5.35-1.76) and tannins (0.41-0.09). The functional characteristics of the cereal flours showed that they could be used as thicker in food systems, binder in meat emulsion and in colloidal food system as emulsion stabilizer.

Keywords: Colloidal, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, cereals, gelatin concentration, swelling power.