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Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe
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Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe
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The role of leadership in integrating African markets and economies in a changing global economy


Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe




ST Thomas University, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA


Accepted 23, September 2016


The paper discusses the importance of leadership in integrating African Markets and Economies in a Changing Global Economy. It highlighted the requisite qualities of the leader from a business point of view where the leader ought to be someone with a vision, credibility and integrity and is also socially, ethically and fiscally accountable. Currently the picture one gets across the African continent is that democracy is losing ground because of leaders who refuse to cede power. The integration is an opportunity that should not be missed; and institutional leadership is needed at country and should transcend over organizational level in order to direct the magnificent African continent that is abundantly endowed with natural resources. It is incumbent upon the leadership, as drivers of change, to have the requisite attributes in order to realize economic growth which inherently will benefit the majority of the population. The assumption in this paper is that opportunities in integrating African markets and economies in a changing Global Economy do exist and the answer to the integration lies into leadership that is credible; leadership that runs the affairs of the country using business leadership qualities. In terms of methodology and approach this paper critically reviewed and examined literature in the field of globalization, change management and leadership with its different leadership attributes.

Keywords: accountability, global economy, globalization, institutionalized leadership, leadership, opportunities