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Sununta Siengthai
Duangporn Boonkrob
Malee Siengthai
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Sununta Siengthai
Duangporn Boonkrob
Malee Siengthai
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Evaluation of Training Effectiveness: A Case Study of the Ministry of Interior, Thailand


Sununta Siengthai*, Duangporn Boonkrob and Malee Siengthai




Visiting Faculty and Associate Professor of HRM/IR, School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand.

Director, Research and Development Division, Damrong Rajanubhap Research and Development Institute, Ministry of Interior, Thailand.

Independent researcher, formerly librarian of Thammasat University Libraries


Accepted 15 September, 2016


Human resource development activities are human capital investment by organizations. Thus, it is important that the training program assessment is conducted to obtain feedback for further improvement of the programs to develop the needed competencies for participants and training effectiveness. This paper reviews issues related to training and evaluation in term of its effectiveness as to provide some guidelines to the in-service training programs conducted in the public sector organizations in Thailand. The Ministry of Interior in Thailand is taken as a case study. Based on the relevant literature review and some in-depth interviews, we come up with some recommendations for strategic human resource development for the Ministry of Interior and the public sector organizations in Thailand in general.                                                                                                                              

Keywords: In-service public personnel training, training effectiveness, evaluation, Ministry of Interior, Thailand.