Manubriosternal tuberculous osteoarthritis in a patient living with HIV


Mohammad H*, Popoola SO, Onyemaechi NOC


Case Report


Department of Radiology, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria

Department of Surgery, Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, Nigeria.


Accepted 17 September, 2016


Tuberculous Osteoarthritis can affect the manubriosternal joint. It is usually associated with an immunosuppressive state. Our aim of reporting this case is to bring the relatively rare condition in Nigeria to awareness, thereby calling for attention whenever it occurs. A 35-year old man with a left chest swelling of 5months duration. There was associated chest pain, weight loss, cough and night sweat. Examination revealed a fluctuant and diffuse left manubriosternal mass. Blood test revealed leucocyte count of 4000cells/mm3 with relative lymphocytosis, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) of 129mm/hr (Westergreen) and positive retroviral screening. Chest radiographs revealed features suggestive of left milliary tuberculosis. Imaging plays a useful role in the evaluation of patients with osteoarticular tuberculosis and this should be analyzed side by side with relevant clinical and laboratory findings. Mycobacterial confirmation is needed to establish the diagnosis of osteoarticular TB.

Keywords: Manubriosternal Joint, Tuberculosis, Osteoarthritis.